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ryugyong hotel towerpyongyang

Ryugyong Hotel Tower Pyongyang – North Korea

Ryugyong Hotel Tower Pyongyang – North Korea

Everyone talks about Korth Korea and how closed a country is comparing to other.
Today with The Ryugyong Tower the new modern fancy Guesthouse, that was build in 1987 with total of 360,000 m and over 100 floors.
It took too long to open it , but finally in 2012 it was opened and inaugral for visitors from near and far
The Ryugyong Hotel Tower is located in the middle of the city of Pyongyang in North Korea.

Ryugyong Hotel Tower Pyongyang - North Korea
Ryugyong Hotel Tower Pyongyang – North Korea

The hotel was designed to have 3,000 rooms , casinos and nightclubs.
Tourists form this hotel can visit other torustic places in Pyongyang.
This hotel will inspire and charm you with its diversity. Already in the lobby there is a lot to discover.
Its good to families and friends to explore more espically with the local delicious food.


Attractions Ryugyong Hotel :

1.Pyongyang Metro:

Its the biggest in north korea and it is more modern
Which consists of two lines. It was expect to open on 6 September 1973 and was the first subway on the Korean Peninsula.

2.Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum:

Is a history museum dedicated to the Korean War located in the North Korean capital-city of Pyongyang.

3.Juche Tower

Is a monument in Pyongyang,Juche Tower is situated on the east bank of the River Taedong, directly opposite Kim Il-sung Square on the west bank



The sadest thing is this hotel is completly empty. There was no guest inside since 30 years.
Since 2019 it’s animated as a LED-Screen, and the whole city is lighting up completly crazy.
So if you ever have a North Korea trip pleas visit this mysterious building.


North Korea Travel
North Korea Travel
Unique Holidays Asia
Unique Holidays Asia
Pyongyang City
Pyongyang City
View over the city
View over the city



Contact / Booking/ Price

Ryugyong Hotel Nord Korea

Adresse: Nordkorea, Pyongyang, KP
Telefon: +850 180 087 8678

E-Mail: info@ryugyonghotel.com

picturre source : ryugyonghotel.com



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